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Wolf sighting confirmed south of Heber

Heber, AZ
Mexican gray wolf south of Heber, AZ
Heber, AZ
This is a coyote that passed through the same game camera angle a day after the wolf. Notice the differences between the two animals.

Blake Owens of Heber finally got a picture of the wolf that he says he’s known was around Heber for a while. “Last two winters I’ve found his tracks but had never seen him. I set this camera up …,” Owens stated on Facebook. He said it was .8 of a mile south of Heber near Stermer Ridge.


Paul Greer, the Arizona Game & Fish wolf team leader in Pinetop, said they have confirmed it is a lone male wolf and stated it’s not unusual to see them as they have a large area of dispersal. The wolf team will attempt to capture this wolf and collar it in order to track it. To report a wolf sighting or incident call the wolf team’s office in Pinetop at 928-532-2391 or you can reach dispatch 24 hours a day at 623-236-7201.

A special note of appreciation to Blake Owens for sharing his photos and information.

Heber, AZ
Mexican gray wolf checking for leftovers in an old camp fire.
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