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Winter Watering

heber overgaard, az
Abnormal weather conditions calls for watering of dormant landscape plants.

Normally, we wouldn’t think about watering our trees and gardening plants this time of the year. This winter however, has been truly frustrating and very dry for the gardening homeowner. By this time of the year, we normally would have received some type of moisture; however, this year is throwing us a curve ball. Even though we are in the winter season it is very dry and the plants in your yard still need moisture.


Certain trees and perennials are in dormant state through winter. When plants are in a dormant state they still produce basic metabolic functions from water collected from the soil. Since the moisture is missing from our forecast it is important to water at least a few times a month. The key to watering in the winter is to water in the early day when the temperature raises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Watering early in the day will give the soil a chance to absorb the moisture before the cooler night temperatures arrive.


Remember, although it is winter and your plants are dormant, it is very dry and your plants, trees and yard need to be watered to maintain good root structure.