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Windy Hills Lavender add new wood sculpture to front landscape

Heber, AZ
This large Ponderosa pine in front of Windy Hills Lavender was struck by lightning a few years ago and had to be cut down.


A couple of years ago lighting struck the tall Ponderosa pine on the front corner of Windy Hills Lavender store in Heber. Owners Lois Hunt and Brian and Cindy Schooley decided to keep a large part of the split trunk for a chain saw sculpture. Their idea was for a couple eagles to be sculpted into the tree trunks. They had been searching for an artist but had all but given up finding the right one.

Heber, AZ
esus Figueroa prepares the split stump before beginning work.

To the delight of the owners, last week Jesus Figueroa, who does wood sculptors for Wild Woods just down the road from Windy Hills, called them and said he’d heard they were looking for a wood sculptor and he was awarded the job.


Heber, AZ
The completed work proudly stands outside the Lavender shop.

Working through wind, cold, rain and snow, it took Figueroa three days to complete the project. He told me, “First I removed the bark because it contains a lot of sand which is hard on my blade. I go with what the owners request and come up with an idea from there.” Figueroa’s vision was for an eagle soaring on each outer edge of the stump with wings spread  vertically as if soaring through a field of lavender plants. The lavender are carved and painted on the center portions of the stump. The sculpture is quite large measuring approximately 15 to 16 feet high. The left side eagle measures about 10 feet and the one on the right is about 8 feet.


Heber, AZ
The finished wood sculpture stands proud welcoming visitors to town.

Figueroa is from Ruidoso, New Mexico and works at Wild Woods two months a year. He also spends a couple months working each summer in Sommerset, OH, which is about 30 minute from Columbus. Figueroa has been in the wood sculpting business for 17 years. He can be reached at 575-973-7235 or email at jfpacheco80@gmail.com. Plus, his work is available for purchase at Wild Woods all year round.

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