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Why Cancer Insurance?



Before I get into our subject for today, I want to share with you a subject that’s been gnawing at me for a while. When I was in my early twenties and just beginning my business in sales, I remember my manager taking me aside and giving me this advice: “When you meet someone, look them square in the eyes, smile, and give them a firm handshake!”

I suppose it’s still good advice and I’ve always tried to follow it all of these years, until I had a personal experience that made me look at it from a different prospective. This past Christmas Sunday at church, a very nice man that I’ve known for a number of years came up to wish me a Merry Christmas. He extended his hand, as did I, and we exchanged a hearty and firm handshake. I had been ill for several months and had lost a lot of weight. My arthritis had been unusually painful during this time and the ring that I was wearing on my right hand had slid to one side, pointing one of the corners toward my adjoining finger.

Crunch! Ouch!! I tried to “Man-Up”, smiled with tears in my eyes, and when we parted, grabbed my throbbing finger. Blood was forming on the wound and it was sore for a week.
This story is a departure from my usual rhetoric, but I feel I needed to share it. Every day I shake hands with men and women, even little boys and girls. How many times have I been the one to cause the pain? For the past 20+ years, I’ve spent most of my professional life with people over 65 and I learned early on that many of us have some form of arthritis or tenderness in the hands. Some individuals prefer not to shake hands at all, choosing not to take a chance with pain or injury. I’ve tried to be considerate of this situation, but this was the first time that it happened so painfully to me. I felt that this column would be a good place to share the importance of being aware and being careful when shaking hands with our elderly friends.

Now, this question about cancer insurance: In the mid 80’s, I was approached by a regional manager for the largest cancer insurance company in the world. He wanted me to take a look at their product line and consider representing them. I’m sure my reply to him was the same as what you’re thinking right now. Why do I need cancer insurance?

I was successful in evading him for several months, but he finally talked me into taking a little time and looking into the reasons so many people around the world have purchased this insurance product. I wasn’t an easy sell. My first question was, “If I have good health insurance, why do I need cancer insurance?” I thought it was a pretty good question, but it was exactly what most people seem to ask. In fact, I found out that most of the claim monies paid to insured have little or nothing to do with the actual costs of treating cancer. Most of the claims cover costs that are not medically related.

This is a brief, but important list of what I learned about Cancer insurance:

  1. Cancer is one of the illnesses that often take the longest to treat. It may take years of treatments and the cancer may spread or reoccur. Quite often, a major portion of a families’ income is lost during the illness. Cancer insurance is cash to spend as needed. It may pay for copayments and deductibles, but it also may pay for food and rent.
  2. It’s not unusual for cancer treatments to be obtained at facilities that are out of town or out of state. This means there are a myriad of non- medical costs such as transportation, airline tickets, rental cars, taxi fares, hotel rooms, meals and many others that are hard to predict. Cancer insurance pays cash for your specific needs.
  3. In Arizona, often our close friends and relatives are living out of state and want to be with their loved ones during these difficult times. Sometimes part or all of their travel expenses may need to be covered. If you choose to use your claim money for these needs, it’s your choice to make.
  4. You may need a nurse around the clock for periods of time. You may need help with housekeeping needs such as cooking and cleaning. You may have transportation needs to and from doctors’ appointments or trips to the hospital or treatment centers. Medicare may pay some of these costs, but many are not covered by Medicare or supplemental insurances. It’s your cash for whatever your needs may be.
  5. Most of us don’t have long term or short term nursing home care. As I’ve pointed out in previous columns, Medicare only covers some of these costs for a short time and with very specific stipulations. Your cancer insurance claims cash can be used for any or all of these needs and is affordably priced.


If you can think of a monetary need during cancer treatments, rehab, or even after recovery, Cancer insurance is money that can be used to help cover those costs. Unlike policies that were offered in the eighties, today we can apply for units of cash that becomes available upon diagnosis of internal cancer or melanoma. Usually these units vary from $10,000.00 and up. Initially, you must qualify medically, with good health, and the cost varies, depending on how many units you wish to purchase and your current age.

After investing some time to learn about the plans and remembering a close family member who fought cancer for years, I not only decided to put this product in my business portfolio, but I bought one for my family, too. That was 31 years ago and I still have it today. Thank God, we’ve never had to use it!

If we can be of service for any of your life or health insurance needs, just call our office – 602-846-6891 or toll free 1-888-846-4512.

Orion Steen is a licensed agent and specializes in Medicare supplemental plans. He has been advising his clients on life and health insurance matters in Arizona for over 45 years. He can be reached for related questions by E-mail at info@orionsteeninsurance.com, call toll-free 888-846-6891 or cell 623-846-6891. 

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Orion Steen is a licensed agent and specializes in Medicare supplemental plans. He has been advising his clients on life and health insurance matters in Arizona for over 45 years. He can be reached for related questions by E-mail at info@orionsteeninsurance.com, call toll-free 888-846-6891 or cell 623-846-6891.