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What Would You Do?

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You must register for this free workshop by Navajo County Sheriff and Emergency Preparedness Depts.

In the middle of your worship service two men enter, armed with shotguns. They fire rounds into the ceiling. Then they take the money in your offering plate, along with your wallet and watch. What would you do?

As you are praying, a young man enters your church and pulls a handgun out of a pouch. He opens fire. He then reloads and starts shooting in your direction. What would you do?


Unnoticed, a man comes in one door of your house of worship. He begins firing a semi-automatic rifle. Instinctively, you head for the other door, only to find a second shooter standing at that door. What would you do?

A visitor sits in a back pew. As the service begins he stands and begins firing a hand gun, all the while moving in the direction of your nursery. What would you do?


You call 9-1-1 about an active shooter in your church. When police arrived, they walk past injured people. Why don’t they carry them to safety? What would you do?


Someone begins shooting during your worship service. Several pews away, you draw your concealed weapon and return fire. Law enforcement officers enter the sanctuary and aim their weapons at you. Why? What would you do?

You hear gun shots somewhere inside your church building. You run out the closest door; a police officer tells you to stop and raise your hands. What would you do?


We consider our houses of worship as safe havens. We advertise our worship times. Our doors are unlocked during worship. We welcome visitors. Unfortunately, we live in an age where threats are all around us.

On March 11th, the Navajo County representatives are going to present a workshop to help you understand answers to, “What would you do?” There are ways you can be prepared to respond to a threat. We also need to be aware of how law enforcement agencies will respond to threats.

All citizens are encouraged to attend the workshop on March 11th hosted by First Southern Baptist Church of Overgaard. There is no cost. Register by March 3rd online at http://whoozin.com/QMP-NPQ-GY9U


Additional information can be found at www.overgaardbaptist.org.