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What does 64,000 plus trees look like?

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, AZ
Photo courtesy of US Forest Service.

Springerville, AZ, July 31, 2017- On Thursday, July 27, 2017, two semi-trucks filled with seedlings were unloaded by Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs) crews, in Alpine. The six-month-old seedlings consisted of approximately 16,300 Ponderosa pine, 6,800 Southwestern white pine, 16,300 Engelmann spruce and 23,900 Douglas fir.


The seedlings will be planted in the Burro Mountain area and near Forest Road 409 to replace the historically natural vegetation type (NVT) that was destroyed during the 2011 Wallow Fire.  One location in particular will be replanted with only Ponderosa pine, it being the NVT for that area.


“The other seedlings will be planted according to the ratio needed to accomplish the NVT of the other areas,” said James Johnson, zoned silviculturist for the forest.


The seedlings come back to the forest from the Lucky Peak Nursery out of Boise Idaho, where they were started from seeds gathered here on the ASNFs. The week of July 31, contractors will replant about 600 acres of the Wallow Fire burned area with the seedlings.