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Veterans Receive Quilt Presentation From Pine Needlers Quilters

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A very special event was held at the Lutheran Church on May 24th. The Pine Needlers Quilters were presenting beautiful handmade patriotic quilts to our veterans living in Heber Overgaard. This talented group of women are busy I think they work on their craft all the time. It truly is a labor of love.

As one entered the room there were two tables filled with cookies and brownies and ice cold drinks. Everyone was mingling and the room was filled with veterans, families and residents of our small but big-hearted community.

Our American Legion Post 86 was there dressed out to present the colors. Pastor Nick gave a touching opening prayer.
Twelve quilts were gifted to veterans today and the honorees were; Rob Heinemann, Ray Kight, James McSloy, Vernon Raveling, Nick Pearson, Cheryl Mothershed, Doug Eddy, Dr. Aaron Bornstein, James McLaughlin, Ted Sharp, Ron Unger and Gary Korosec.

For anyone interested in joining the Pine Needlers anyone is welcome. There are about 60-70 members who come and go. The group is larger in the summer months and less in the winter but they do continue through the winter months.