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Two forest product sales awarded to TriStar Logging


Springerville, AZ; January 25, 2016—The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs) identified additional “bridge” projects that would help continue a supply of wood within the White Mountain area. All of these bridge projects fall within the 4FRI footprint, but the contracts for implementation are separate from the Phase 1 Stewardship Contract (held by Good Earth Power, LLC). The contracts from the bridge projects were competitively advertised.

The ASNFs recently awarded two forest product sales to TriStar Logging that will provide saw timber and biomass to local industries. They are listed below:

  • The Carr Lake Stewardship Contract is approximately 1,605 acres and is part of the Rim Lakes Forest Restoration Project on the Black Mesa Ranger District located on the Mogollon Rim. Implementation of the project is for forest restoration within ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests, improvement of wildlife habitat, and fuels reduction. Volume for this sale is approximately 10,855 cubic feet.
  • First Knoll A is approximately 1,420 acres and is part of the
  • Timber Mesa Vernon WUI Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration on the Lakeside Ranger District. The purpose of this project is to treat the pinyon and juniper to reduce the wildland fire potential and restore the integrity of the ecosystems in the proximity of the at-risk communities. Volume for this sale is approximately 7,444 cubic feet.


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