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Talking prescription readers available for free

Heber-Overgaard, AZ
ScripTalk helps the blind and visually impaired take medication correctly. Please share this information.

Doug Harris of the Overgaard Ponderosa Lions Club recently sent me information on a device for the blind and the visually impaired that reads their prescription information to them. The device called “ScripTalk” has been around for a while, but not many know about it. With the Lions Clubs International’s involvement, the information is spreading quickly. Script Talk is available for free to those who need it.


According to ScripTalk’s manufacturer, En-Vison America, “People who cannot clearly read their prescription labels are at risk for medication errors, and sometimes even death. Accessible labels are widely available at no additional charge at many pharmacies, and yet many people do not know about these options.”


Do you have trouble reading your prescriptions?

  • Are you worried that you don’t remember your prescription instructions correctly?
  • Are you bothered that you have to rely on family or friends to read prescription information for you?
  • Are you looking for a way to safely and independently manage your medications?


According to En-Vision America’s website: 

  • As many as 1.9 million drug-related injuries occur each year due to prescription errors or adverse reactions.
  • Nearly 10% of those injuries are life-threatening or fatal and more than half are preventable.
  • Prescription drug mistakes are a leading cause of death and injury to seniors.
  • More than half of all patients do not take medications as prescribed.


ScripTalk talking labels and prescription readers are available by request at many pharmacies, free of charge. ScripTalk Station is a prescription reader device. Simply press a button and place the special ScripTalk talking label over the reader. A pleasant natural sounding voice speaks all the information printed on the label.


ScripTalk Station uses RFID and text-to-speech technology. A thin antenna and microchip embedded within the label are programmed with all the printed information. Because the data is stored in the label itself, it can be used on any size prescription container.


ScripTalk Station is the only talking prescription reader to meet all federal requirements listed under the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


To find out how to obtain a ScripTalk Station call 1-855-SpeakRx (1-855-773-2579) or go online to learn more at www.envisionamerica.com/sign-up-for-accessible-prescription-labels.


Our local Ponderosa Lions Club is hoping to hold a demonstration in the near future at a convenient location in the Heber-Overgaard area. Look for upcoming announcements.