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Summit Healthcare Ron McArthur, CEO, on hospital expansion plans; plus what’s new at the Bison Ranch Clinic

overgaard, AZ
Ron McArthur, Summit Healthcare CEO

At the April 18th Ponderosa Lions Club, the CEO of Summit Healthcare, Ron McArthur, spoke to the members about the new planned medical center expansion on the Show Low campus. Mr. McArthur gave some history of where they’ve come from and their plans for the future. 


Artist’s renderings of the new medical complex in Show Low.

The last 10 years has seen a remodeling of the original facility and the first floor is scheduled for completion this October. In 2014, the Pine Shadows Trailer Park owner contacted the hospital to see if they’d be interested in buying his property. They agreed to purchase it for $3.85 million which consisted of 19 acres and 160 mobile homes. Summit had two years to move them and paid for the moves.


They then hired NexCore Group to design a master campus site development plan. Their plans include a new campus with an outpatient center which will be the largest in Navajo County at a cost of $80 million. It will have a 105,000 square foot three story building with all therapies for outpatient care in one place. The second floor will house surgical and specialist physician services. Third floor will house Primary Care services. They are relocating 17 clinics to the new building (not including the new clinic at Bison Ranch in Overgaard.) The new building will also serve as new space for Summit’s administrative services staff that has doubled in the last five years.

Artist rendering of Outpatient Surgicenter at Summit Healthcare Show Low, AZ

There will be a separate 16,000 square foot outpatient surgery center on the new campus removing those surgeries from the main hospital building. 


There will be trees that will have to be removed to make room for all of these improvements, but the  plans include 1300 replacement trees to be planted.


The healthcare campus is community owned and operated. They have a Shared Services Agreement with Mayo Clinic, Banner Health and Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center for patient consultations and other needs. “Our Advance ICU is now monitored 24/7 by an agreement with a company out of St. Louis,” McArthur said. Patients are monitored by their staff who have access to summon for immediate patient assistance at Summit Hospital.


Summit Healthcare is very proud to have recently received the highest rating from the CMS hospital ranking system, 5 out of 5 stars. They are one of only five hospitals in Arizona who have received a 5 star ranking and one of 300 nationally.


As far as the clinic at Bison Ranch in Overgaard, Summit has invested $3.5 million here on four acres, two of which are undeveloped. There are three practitioners there now: Aaron Bornstein, M.D., Devin Porter, P.A. and Ginger Reeves, N.P. and includes patient walk-in appointments. There is telemedicine for several specialties including pain management and stroke patients. Some specialists come to the clinic on scheduled days like the cardiologist, Dr. Ata.


Prescriptions are now available through an InstiMed ATM-style medication dispenser in the Bison Ranch office. These are very easy to use and will save you time and gas to be able to obtain your medicine at the clinic. Serenity Spa will be offering Massage Therapy and other services in the near future at the Bison Ranch Clinic.


There’s one more new service Summit is offering called MDSave. You shop from a wide variety of services for what you need and prepay online to save up to 60% off the average price regardless if you have insurance or not. They don’t submit claims on your behalf nor accept Medicare or Medicaid. However, your MDSave purchase may apply to your deductible. You’d need to contact your insurer for eligibility details. Visit MDSave.com or call 866-851-3941 for more information.


With all of the new technological developments and advancements in medicine and in our environment, it’s good to know the largest local healthcare provider in our area, Summit Healthcare, is investing in bringing these new and exciting services to our rural community to better serve our healthcare needs.