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Seeding Project on the 377 Fire

Heber, AZ
After the fire and before the seeding
Heber, AZ
Hand-seeding in the burn area.

Springerville, AZ—August 22, 2018 – Last June, the 377 Fire burned approximately 4,252 acres on the Black Mesa Ranger District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.  Over 420 acres were severely burned to the extent that no vegetation was left, leaving a moonscape within the fire perimeter that threatened important cultural and natural resources.  Last week, a crew of eight Black Mesa Ranger District employees seeded 82 acres of the 377 Fire area where threats to resources were most severe. They had over 80 bags of weed-free native grass seed mix, which they used to hand distribute over the area.  


District Archaeologist Heather Seale, who worked with the crew, said, “This seeding project will help to accelerate the growth of the grass in the high burn severity areas”. This will provide stabilization and protection for important cultural and natural resources, as well as providing quick ground cover growth to reduce impacts by vehicles, erosion and wind storms.