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Second Year for Drive Through Flu Shots

Overgaard, AZ
Free Flu Shot Clinic sponsored by the Heber Overgaard Community Clinic at the Heber Overgaard Fire Station.

It was a beautiful day in Overgaard as cars just kept buzzing through the Fire Department. Yes, driving through the garage for their free flu shots. Have you ever heard of such thing? Three Hundred and Fifty (350) was the count when I arrived on scene to report on this wonderful event for our community.

I spoke with Page Osborn of Summit Community Clinic as she explained to me how it took a year of pre-planning meetings with Summit Community Clinic, Fire Department of Overgaard and Navajo County Public Health to get it together. Ms. Osborn spoke of people in need in our small community with mobility issues and how this was such a helpful venture.

They were all very pleased with the three-hour program and the turnout from the community and from SAV, Ponderosa Lions Club and Navajo County Disaster Preparedness.

Overgaard, AZ
Heber Overgaard Fire Station was set up for the drive thru flu shot clinic.

Rich Upman, our Fire Chief, told me they advertised on Facebook, and placed brochures around town. Plus, Summit placed ads in this newspaper.

“This was the second year to present this program,” Ms. Osborn said, “And, it far exceeded all our expectations.”

Overgaard, AZ
Ponderosa Lions Club helps out with the Summit Flu Shot Clinic.

A BIG thank you to the Summit Heber-Overgaard Community Clinic for sponsoring this free event for a second year in a row, to the Heber-Overgaard Fire Department and all of the volunteers! We thank you for all your planning, smiles and volunteer efforts and we hope to see you again next year.