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Random Acts of Kindness—More Than Gratitude


Phil and Tina Lee came into Encore Thrift Emporium one Saturday. After making their purchase and hearing about Encore’s outreach of supporting the Fine Arts they started thinking. They were the parents of Mike Burns, a Wounded Warrior who use to live in Heber~Overgaard with his family before relocating to Texas. This community embraced the Burns family and their two children, Payton and Keyghan, loved going to school at Capps. They were thankful parents and grandparents for how their family flourished here on the mountain.

Being thankful was almost certainly enough but their gratitude took action. Several days following the conversation at Encore they appeared in the Capps Middle School office laden with three large, bulky boxes. Inside those boxes were three cases with brand new violas resting on blue velvet. Three new instruments for the orchestra program so students would have a choice of what to learn to play. Phil and Tina felt strongly about the importance of music in your life and they didn’t want any willing child to go without that opportunity. Without such Random Acts of Kindness this world would be a sorry place. As expressed by Tiffani Martineau (who helped to update the Burns’ home while he was away dealing with medical issues) “They are amazing people and it explains why Mike is such a great person.”

What a blessing to be there to see this very happy occasion. The grandparents were so pleased that they could help and the school personnel were almost speechless; but I can assure you that EVERYONE had a huge smile on their face. The lesson is – we should never stop telling our story. Encore blesses this community in so many ways. You just never know when a Grandma and Grandpa are going to come in and feel that tug on their hearts and give in a way that will amaze you. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Lee for creating a path for some young music enthusiasts.