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Random Acts of Kindness—Beanie Babies

Heber, AZ
Mrs. Ballasteros' 5th grade class gave the most beanie babies.

The people joined forces to clean the highway, freshen up the library grounds, write letters to veterans and active military, tie lap quilts for wheelchair-bound vets and put together teacher appreciation packets for Golden Mustang – that was a big accomplishment for the 4th Annual Community Day of Service. Before all that even began, the 4th – 6th graders at Capps Middle School took inventory of their stuffed beanie-type babies at home. Which one could they part with? Would they really miss just one if they decided to give it away? On the final day 36 small stuffed toys, from alligators to zebras, were collected for our community’s First Responders. Some will ride on the fire truck, others will accompany the Sheriff’s Deputies and DPS Officers. Pam Harris, school nurse, added to the collection with bags of Santa-hatted little dogs so there should be plenty to hand out to frightened kids during an emergency.

Heber-Overgaard, AZ
Beanie babies on display on fire engine’s bumper.

When I visited one class they were proud of the ones they had collected and then one little girl shyly pulled another one from her desk. When I asked her; “Is that one coming along too?” She shook her head ‘Yes’ but her look said I’m really not so sure. She said she had more at home but liked this one a lot. In the end she said; “Someone might need it more than I do”. You can see it perched on the far left of the Engine 71’s front bumper.

These 5th graders think ice cream sandwiches taste better on top of the slide.
These 5th graders think ice cream sandwiches taste better on top of the slide.

Mrs. Ballesteros’ 5th grade was the most generous class and they are proudly presenting DPS officers, Trooper Abel Ballesteros and Sgt. Lane Ciminski with their share of the collection. DPS officers make it a point to visit the schools to promote a positive relationship with the community’s children. Sgt. Ciminski, who is new to the area, made a special request of the kids to always wear a seatbelt. He said kids are very special and he didn’t want any of them to be hurt.

Capps Middle School, Heber, AZ
Ben Heder is enjoying his ice cream sandwich and talking to Trooper Abel Ballesteros and Stg. Ciminski.

Golden Mustang Award encouraged the students to get involved in their Community Day of Service (with 35 students participating in various spots in the community), treated the 5th graders with ice cream sandwiches for their generosity with the beanie babies. The students at Capps submit quotes, Inspirational Footprints that mean something to them, that adorn the walls to inspire their classmates. Here’s one of the newest ones hanging on the wall: “People often forget that kindness is free”. Guess their generosity shows that in action! Thank you to the students at Capps Middle School – you make our community proud.