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Quilts of Valor for Veterans Touched by War

heber-overgaard, az
Jonothon Sorrell receiveds his quilt. Photo courtesy of Matt Nickell Photography.

It was a beautiful day at our Tall Timbers Park today as these nine veterans of war were each presented a Quilt of Valor. These are veterans touched by war.


As I approached this ceremony today, the music of “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” was setting the mood for this special presentation. Nine white chairs with their names marked; Walter L. Royal, Brady Bullard, Johnathan Sorrell, Jessica Weiss, Henry R. Chavez, Sr, Henry R. Chavez, Jr., John Packer, Andrew Powell, and Phil Zamarripa (non-attendee).

Heber-overgaard, AZ
Henry R. Chavez, Sr. receives his quilt. Photo courtesy of Matt Nickell Photography

Quilts of Valor was founded by a Mom of a deployed son in 2003; you can go to www.QOVF.org to read more about this story. Today I want to focus on our small community and this quilting group, “Heart 2 Heart Quilts” that so generously and tirelessly work many hours to produce these exquisite one-of-a-kind quilts for veterans here in our community; and they are truly beautiful! Speaking with Cheryl Voirin, Group Leader of this group #928 in Heber Overgaard today she gave me a run down of the hours involved from start to the top of the quilt is 40-60 hours and this depends on the skill and experience of the quilter. Then another 5 hours to do the actual quilting and 2-5 hours to bind the quilt. The cost of each quilt is $250 – $300. The group is dependent on donations and fortunately our community is generous in donating. There are 37 quilters in this group and she tells me they are always looking for new members to join. So if you are interested, please call Cheryl Voirin at 480-229-1486.


All of these veterans presented a Quilt of Valor today have a story and these quilts are presented to them for their comfort and healing; one more way of saying thank you for your service, your sacrifice and your bravery.