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Pine Needlers say “Thank you” to  Veterans with keepsake quilts

Overgaard, AZ
Thank you for your service!

How do you truly thank the men and women who as young adults put their life on the line to serve our country? The Pine Needlers held a military quilt presentation for veterans at Faith Lutheran Church in Overgaard on Wednesday June 13, 2018, to honor and thank them for their service. Each quilt was a work of art designed with the veterans’ branch of service reflected in the choice of pattern and color. Yuriko Zoller did a great job as the Pine Needlers chairperson for this event which was attended by 15 veterans, their family and friends. There were four additional recipients who were not able to attend, one of whom was Bob Stall who missed because of ill health; his friend Jim Schadlick received it for him. There was also a wife and a friend who received a quilt on behalf of an absent veteran. 

Overgaard, AZ
Pine Needlers presenters from left are past president Karen Shepherd, summer president J.D.Strauss and Yuriko Zoller, chairperson for the Military Quilt event.

These presentations are always quite moving. There was some friendly banter between the different branches and a few good-natured jokes along with a few tears. One veteran quietly told the presenters, “I am very grateful.”  

Outgoing president Karen Shepherd introduced the new summer president D. J. Strauss. Her husband was one of the recipients and gave his wife a big hug and kiss when she read his name. Speaking to D. J. afterwards, she mentioned regarding her family members in the military, “The residual effects of combat never really go away completely.” The military quilts are worked on by all of the Pine Needlers’ quilters; each one contributes their talent in some way. Maybe these quilted gifts of love are one small patch for the holes war leaves behind in former warriors.


Here are the honorees: 

  • Mike Bolinger (Navy) 
  • Marshal DeYoung (Marines)
  • Derrell Edwards (Army)
  • Robert Henricks (Army)
  • Larry Hummel (Marines)
  • Joe Juharas (Marines)
  • Barry Larsen (Air Force)
  • Charles Gregory Mason (Navy)
  • Ernest Matkin (Marines)
  • John R. Perry (Air Force)
  • William Prather (Marines)
  • Jim Schadlick (Army)
  • Paul Strauss (Navy)
  • Kenneth Trapp (Navy)
  • John (JJ) Wright (Marines)
  • Bob Stall (Army)
  • Dave Lowe (Marines)
  • Michael Yueill (Army)
  • Rick Van Deusen (Branch unknown)


If you know a veteran who’s not been honored yet with the receipt of one of these special quilts, please call Yuriko Zoller at 520-955-4515 to give the Pine Needlers their information. Thank you Pine Needlers’ members for your hard work in creating and bestowing these beautiful quilts to our veterans.