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October 10th, 2019 News Update


By Gulsen Ozdemir


-Adoption Scam-

The assessor of Maricopa County is facing charges over accusation of organizing pregnant women from the Marshall Islands to come to the United States in order to give birth and adopt their newborn. Paul D. Petersen, 44, has made offers of $10,000 to future mothers to give up their unborn babies. He then went on to falsifying mothers’ residency records and provided them with health insurances to give birth in Arizona. Peterson has collected around $35,000 from local families who want to adopt a baby. The fraud had lasted for more than three years, and at least 29 babies have been adopted. Authorities have said that adopters have nothing to worry about, and that babies will remain with their current families. The next court hearing is set for October 15, when Petersen is expected to enter a plea.

(Source: NY TIMES, STORY DATE: October 9,2019)

-West Nile Virus Deaths-

The Grand Canyon State is leading deaths that are linked to West Nile virus according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 16 Out of 35 deaths have been reported in the state as of October 8. Officials say they have started investigating the cause behind the increase. The virus is mosquito-borne.

(Source: FOXNEWS.COM, STORY DATE: October 10, 2019)


-Holbrook Man Arrested-

A Holbrook man has been indicted over 29 different crimes including possession of illegal weapons and drugs. Steven A. Buckman, 53, was arrested in July at home, where he kept various guns without a license and drugs ready to be distributed. 

( Source: Enterprisenews.com, October 8, 2019)

-Pumpkin Sell-

And, as all of you know, it’s the pumpkin season! St. John’s Episcopal Church in Holbrook has kicked off its second annual Pumpkin Patch. More than one thousand pumpkins have been unloaded and are ready to be sold. The annual Pumpkin Patch will last until October 31.

(Source: Holbrook.wickedlocal.com, October 8, 2019)

-Mogollon High School Robotics-

Get excited! The Walt Disney Company has teamed up with FIRST, (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) for the 2019-2020 robotics competition and the sponsor is Star Wars: Force for Change. Mogollon High School Robotics is holding the FIRST Tech Skystone Challenge Robotics Qualifying Tournament on November 9 at Capps Middle School. More than 10 teams (grades 7-12) will design, build and operate robots. Jaegers Robotics was established only three years ago, and the team was qualified for the Arizona-New Mexico regional championship in 2016. (Donations are welcome, please contact MHS).

-Black Mesa Ranger District Personal Use Fuelwood Permits Change-

By October 15 the following change will take place:

Dead Down and Dead Standing Personal Use Fuelwood – District Wide – will be $30 per cord (one cord minimum, ten cord maximum) – From date of purchase: 2 weeks x # of cords = expiration date. Summer/Fall cutting season ends: Oak and Aspen October 15, 2019. All other species December 31, 2019. For more information please contact District Ranger: Richard Madril, Phone: 928-535-7300.


October 10th

– The U.S. Naval Academy is founded in Maryland, 1845

– The first telegraph line to Denver is completed, 1863

– President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced policy of nonintervention in Latin American affairs, 1933

– The Mutual Defense Treaty is signed between the U.S. and South Korea, 1953


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By Bill McGuire

Tonight the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Houston Astros in game 5 in the five game series-a game where the winner continues on to face the N.Y. Yankees in the A L.C.S. Start time is at 4:07p.m. local time. With tonight’s probables are : Glassnow (Rays) vs. Cole (Astros).

On Friday the St. Louis Cardinals will host the Washington Nationals in game 1 of the 7-game NLCS. Start time will be at 5:08 p.m. (local time) and the starting pitchers will be Sanchez (11 – 8) for the Cards vs. Mikolas ( 9- 14) for the Washington Nationals.

As a reminder to all: THE MOGOLLON MUSTANGS HOME-COMING GAME is the coming up Friday. Mustangs will be hosting Mayer.