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Newslog for 11/5/19


By Gulsen Ozdemir


-Last Minute Survival-

On Saturday in Arizona, a woman was saved seconds before from getting hit by a freight train. The incident was caught on video and it shows her vehicle was stopped on a railway crossing just before the warning arms came down. Other drivers rushed to rescue her, and she was able to survive the accident with no injuries although the train rammed her vehicle.

-Paul Peterson Pleads “Not Guilty” to Fraud Charges-

-Mesa Gets New Police Chief-

City of Mesa has announced a new interim police chief following the resignation of Ramon Batista. In a statement, Mesa Police have said that ”appointing Ken Cost was an easy decision based on his extensive law enforcement experience”. Former Chief Batista resigned saying he would like to seek other professional oppurtunities as well as personal interests.
(Photo Courtesy: Mesa Police Department)


-Dollar General Counterfeit Money Incident-

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Apparently this event took place at Family Dollar in Heber, not Dollar General. Sorry for any confusion this has caused.*

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office has said that all persons wanted in connection with counterfeit money incident have been taken into custody. Monday evening was unusual for Heber-Overgaard residents as helicopters were hovering over looking for three suspects who were considered armed and dangerous. Suspects went to Dollar General in Overgaard, offered counterfeit money to cashier and then threatened violence towards the clerk. All of them fled on foot when the cashier called 911 and the search began. The Sheriff’s Office has said that there are no additional suspects related to the incident and thanked the community for all tips and leads on the matter.
(Photo Courtesy: Navajo County Sheriff’s Office)

-St. Johns Man Arrested Over Murder-

St. Johns Police Department has arrested Dave Allen LaPorte, 54, for murdering his wife -Tessy Lou LaPorte. On October 30, Dave LaPorte called the police and told them that his wife was missing. When officers arrived at his house, they realized that his statements were not occurate. After examining the house, they found evidence that suggested he was not telling the truth and started negotiations with the suspect. After a few hours, LaPorte admitted to killing his wife and concealing her body. He is currently being held at Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Fourth Avenue Jail, and the cash only bond is set to 2 million dollars.
(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Dave LaPorte)


  • Calbraith P. Rodgers ends its first trancontinental flight which lasted 49 days from New York to California, 1911
  • Woodrow Wilson becomes the 28th President, 1912
  • Sinclair Lewis is the first American to win Nobel Prize in Literature, 1930


Kids Night Out will be held on Friday, November 15 in Show Low. Kids will get to make their taco dinner, play games and enjoy a movie. Popcorn and candy are on the house! Cost is $10.