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Newslog for 11/13/19


By Gulsen Ozdemir


-Abusive YouTube Mom Dies in Hospital-

A 48-year-old woman who was arrested due to child abuse back in Marsh has died in hospital. Machelle Hobson had a YouTube channel called Fantastic Adventures where millions of people viewed her videos but little did they know that she held foster children in terrifying conditions in her house in Maricopa. Hobson was arrested in March and her seven children were taken back in the state’s custody. Police report had showed that children were starved, locked in closets, and physically beaten. Those children were featured in the videos as well. Before her death, she was facing 29 charges including kidnapping, child abuse, and unlawful imprisonment. Hobson’s two biological sons were also arrested for not reporting the crime but those charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. Maricopa Police Department has said that charges against the sons could be brought up again. (Video Courtesy: KGUN9)

-Fake Nurse-

Watch out for this impostor nurse in the valley. Ondranique Walls is not a real nurse, but she has been running a medical spa in the valley for a while now. Officials warn that Walls treated patients in the past with a fake identity, and could be doing the same at the moment. It is also believed that Walls steal identities on a regular basis. Scottsdale Police Department has started to investigate the issue but no arrests have been made so far. (Photo Courtesy: ABC15)


-Old Style Sausage Shop Opens in Town-

An Old fashion sausage shop just opened in Overgaard. It is located in 2271 Highway 260 close to Dollar General. Business hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Enjoy!

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Wyatt Adams)

-Snowflake and Taylor to Get New Recreational Area –

The cities of Snowflake and Taylor have discussed to form a committee in order to build a new pool and recreational area. City officials say that they visited some recreation centers to give them ideas.

(Photo Courtesy: ci.snowflake.az.us)


  • Texas claims independence from Mexico, 1835
  • New York’s Holland Tunnel opens for traffic, 1927
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington D.C., 1982


Heber-Overgaard Chamber of Commerce is holding its Annual Winterfest Festival at Tall Timbers Park on November 30 at 5:00 PM. If bonfires, hot chocolate, and hot dogs are your thing make sure to check it out!