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Newslog for 11/12/19


By Gulsen Ozdemir and Bill McGuire


-ASU Student Found Dead-

An Arizona State University student has been found dead in his dorm at the Greek Leadership Village. Tempe police have said that the investigation is ongoing and that they do not suspect homicide at this stage.

(Video Courtesy: Briana Whitney/AZFamily)

-New Book by Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has just released his new book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us and is currently visiting various cities as part of his book launch event. Trump Jr. was in Scottsdale yesterday and posted this video thanking the crowd for their support.

-Mark Kelly Attends Tucson Veterans Marching-

Navy Combat Veteran, former NASA astronaut, and U.S. Senate candidate from Arizona Mark Kelly joined the Veterans Marching Parade in Tucson yesterday. Kelly tweeted and shared these beautiful photos from the 100th Annual Tucson Veterans Day Parade.


-The State of Arizona vs. James Mellen Sr.-

In the case vs. James Mellen Sr today’s proceedings was set for 2:15. Judge Nielson is the judge of this case out of Holbrook. Judge Nielson asked James Sr. if he understood to what was happening, and James Sr. proceeded to reply, “yes, and if a decision had been made?” Judge Neilson then explained “No not until you decide whether you want to go to trial, in which if you are found guilty, I would have no choice but to sentence you to natural life, without the possibility of parole. Which means that you would die in prison. On the other hand, if found not guilty you then would be released.” Judge Nielson continued, “Your other choice if you choose to do so is to accept the plea agreement with the charges reduced down to manslaughter in which you would be sentenced to 10 years and would have to serve 85% be being considered for early release, which would be 8.5 years.” The Defense attorney addressed the court stating that they have not yet received the autopsy report. The prosecutor had replied that the autopsy report was sent Oct. 31st. and was filed under discovery. Judge Nielson then addressed James Sr. if he had any other questions. Then told James Sr. if he had any other questions for him to ask his lawyer. Court adjourned. During the proceedings “clemency” was brought forth to the judge and Judge Neilson replied “ Only one time in his career has he gave clemency and that was just done recently” then went on to deny it, and informed the court room that after 3-5 yrs of serving his sentence he is able to petition the Governor if wishes to do so. Next date set for State of Arizona vs James Mellen Sr. is set for Dec. 9 at 9:00 a.m. for a pre-trial conference.

-Shooting Straight is Out-

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office has released a new episode of Shooting Straight.


  • Mexico agrees to compensate the U.S. for land seizures, 1938
  • U.S. Army clear out a Japanese convoy near Leyte, 1944


On November 20, Show Low Public Library is holding event called White Mountain Book Talkers. Third Wednesday of every month at 1:30 PM a book discussion group gets together to talk about a book that they’ve picked and read. It’s open to public and books can be checked out at the library for reading.