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Newslog for 11/11/19


By Gulsen Ozdemir


-Stabbed to Death-

A teenager in Glendale has been stabbed to death and three suspects are at-large. Glendale police say that the incident took place in front of the victim’s, 14-year-old Elijah Ochoa-Gamez, home around 11:00 PM. Police have said that there was an argument between the three adults and Gamez.


-Winslow Suspect-

On November 6, a Native American male went to Little Colorado Medical Center for wounds in his abdomen that resulted from stabbing. Winslow Police Department said that the suspect is a Native American male in his mid 20’s. If you have any information that you think might help with the case, please dial 928-289-2431


The satellite Discoverer XVII is launched into orbit, 1960

The U.S. Supreme Court voids an Arkansas law banning teaching of evolution in public schools.


It is Veterans Day and American Legion Post 86 is welcoming veterans and their families at 6:00 PM. There are discounts at restaurants and other businesses. If you served in the military make sure to have proof with you to benefit from various deals!


By Bill McGuire

-Veterans Day Weekend Ends State Title Runs For Mogollon’s Football and Girls Volleyball Teams –

Friday, November 8 the Lady Mustangs kicked the week-end off by defeating #16 Red Mesa 3-0 (25-9,25-10,15-12), to advance to quarter-finals where they defeated #9 Anthem Prep 3-0 (25-11,25-12,25-20). On Saturday they took on #4 Rock Point. The games vs Rock Point were closer than what the Lady Mustangs were use too, never less, defeated Rock Point 3-0 (25-18,25-22, 25-22). Now all the Lady Mustangs had to do was to wait and see whom they would play next in the State Championship Finals. Would it be #3 Williams or #2 St David. St. David defeated Williams 3-0 to advance to a 3:00 p.m. match-up with #1 Mogollon.

Saturday November 9 the stage was set for the State Championship Title. It is a battle of the two giants, #1 Mogollon Mustangs (13-0) vs. #2 St. David Tigers (14-0). You just knew, no matter the outcome as a spectator you would not be disappointed. Mogollon took the 1st set 25-21. In the 2nd set St. David took 25-23. Now in the third set which I would call the pivotal set for both teams, was hard fought with St David winning the set 27-25. Both teams by the 4th set started to look a little fatigued. With Mogollon having their back up against a wall the Lady Mustangs had a 7-5 lead but unfortunately that would be the last lead they would see. For through out the rest of the set they found themselves down by as many as 3 points, which sent St. David to a 25-21 victory and the State Championship. One thing I will say is that you couldn’t asked more from two teams playing for a championship than the girls on both of sides of the net displayed. This how the championships should be played, had the fans on the edge of their seats, and if you didn’t have butterflies in your stomach with every serve then you were at the wrong game for which this game gave all plenty.

Saturday night in a Semi Final match-up the #7 Mustangs took on #3 Superior Panthers, for the winner of this semi-final game will advance and take on #1 Williams for the State title. The Mustangs had loss to the Panthers in a previous meeting this season in Superior. In the first quarter of that meeting the Panthers were able to take a 26-0 lead and by the half Panthers had a 32-8 lead. This semi-final game started off just about the exact same way. After the 1st quarter the Panthers had a commanding lead of 28-6. At half time the lead was 40-12. The Mustangs still didn’t give up by the time the third quarter ended the Panthers had a commanding lead 52-20. All the Mustangs could do in the final fourth quarter was, get the ball in the end-zone one more time and the final score Panthers 52- Mustangs 28. The Mustangs also fell to Superior in last years semi-finals. There was one player that stood out for the Mustangs that I hadn’t seen from a player all year. He played with an attitude and intensity I haven’t seen in a single player in any sport in a long time. That player was Timmy Porter, for he was in a zone which nobody was going to stop him. I asked, Senior Bruno Corales about it and he replied that he noticed it also. I replied that the rest of the team should’ve had the same lunch as he did, because his intensity and play was at a different level than everyone else’s on the field including The Panther players. Bruno turned and looked at me with that smile he always has had said “I know” This was a Mustang team that wasn’t “according to the rankings” suppose to be here in the semi-finals. But after the big upset win over #2 Bagdad, the Mustangs two years straight advanced to the semi-finals