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Newslog for 10/29/19


By Gulsen Ozdemir


-Maricopa County Assessor Suspended-

Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen has been suspended after The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have voted in favor of his suspension. Petersen is also facing criminal charges in three states over his adoption scheme.

The Board of Supervisors are not eligible to remove elected officials from office, but can decide to suspend any official under ‘’neglect of duty’’ for up to 120 days. County auditors have also found supporting documents on his county laptop.

Paul Petersen was arrested in early October after officials found out that he offered money to women from the Marshall Islands to come to the Unites States to give birth as part of his illegal adoption practice. The President of the Marshall Islands Hilda Heine has said that she is happy to see Petersen arrested, and that there are probably similar illegal adoption practices out there that must be stopped.

(Source: azcenral.com, Date: October 29, 2019, Photo Courtesy: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

-Phoenix Teacher Charged-

Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has charged Chantelle Rose Allah, 37, with aggravated assault. The surveillance video showed that she slammed the classroom door several times causing bruises on her student’s body. Allah defended herself saying that she had to do so because the student would not move her foot from the door. Allah’s first court appearance will take place on November 25.

(Source: abc15.com, Date: October 29, 2019, Photo Courtesy: Ian Waldie, Getty Images)



By Bill McGuire

OCT. 28, 2019 – Back in the July and August issues, we at the Mogollon Rim News (MRN) published an initial story and followed up on the story of James Mellen Sr. James Sr had resided at S. Woods Drive along with his son James Mellen Jr. The elder Mellen was arrested and booked for the murder of James Mellen Jr. The initial press release had stated that, an argument took place earlier that day and Jr. went inside the house to defuse the situation and took a nap. While in his sleep that’s when Sr. had shot Jr. with a single gun- shot. We at the MRN did our own investigating right from the start. We followed up on the initial news release, to find out the facts and what might have led up to the shooting. The story wasn’t as black and white as the initial press release made it seem to be. As reported by not only us at the MRN, but also the White Mountain Independent, and the Arizona Republic had received by the Sheriffs Office. For complete details on our independent investigation, you can go online and always look up any back issues digitally.
The update on the case: On Oct. 28 the case against James Mellen Sr. was set for Pre-trial. Attorney’s were still waiting on the autopsy and toxicology reports on James Mellen Jr., and it came to this, reporters understanding that the County Attorney’s Office offered a plea agreement o 10 years. The plea was rejected for James Sr. is 85 years of age. James Mellen Sr. had also, wrote a letter stating that he does not want to take this to a jury trial. So, the judge set a date of Nov. 12 @ 2:15 p.m. for a “Settlement Conference”. A settlement conference is where both sides sit at the table and come to an agreement of both parties in regards of a sentence should be imposed and if so, for how long of a sentence. For those whom would like to show support for Mellen Sr. are encouraged to make an appearance, said by Mellen Sr’s family.

-Wildfires Under Control-

On Sunday, authorities responded to two wildfires on the Apache-Sitgreaves Natonal Forests, but on Monday thankfully both fires were largely contained. The Antelope Fire near Vernon, was at 81 acres as of Monday, and the Homestead Fire was at 300 acres as of Sunday. The Homestead Fire affected powerlines and generators had to be used. Apache County was under red flag warnings on Sunday due to strong winds. The fires are believed to be human started.

(Source: wmicentral.com, Date: October 29, 2019, Photo Courtesy: Apache County)


  • The U.S. Supreme Court order desegregation, 1969.
  • John Glenn becomes the oldest person t go into outer space at 77, 1998.
  • Delta and Northwest airlines become partners, forming world’s largest airline, 2008.
  • Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast, almost 300 people are killed, 2012.


Entry to Grand Canyon National Park is free on Veterans Day, November 11!


By Bill McGuire


The series reverts, back to Houston with the Astros leading 3 games to 2. Now after sweeping the Nationals on the road and taking command of the series the Houston Astros look to Justin Verlander to close the deal for them. The Nationals planning to fire back with Stephen Strasburg. The last time these two met, Strasburg and the Nationals were victorious in Houston, game 2. On the other hand, a pitcher of such caliber such as Justin Verlander, doesn’t lose two decisions in a row. It will be interesting, at the end of game #6 whether we are calling the Astros 2019 World Series Champion, or will the Nationals take it to the winner takes all Game #7. TONIGHT AT 5:07 P.M. ON FOX.

(Video Courtesy of MLB.TV)