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Newslog for 10-25-19


By Gulsen Ozdemir


-Missing Children of Arizona-

An Arizona lawmaker has decided to lead an investigation to find ”lost” children in the state’s Department of Child Safety system. Senator (R) David Farnsworth has said that he became concerned after several meetings with parental right advocates. According to DCS, there are 43 children missing from the system, and human trafficking may be the reason behind it. The State Department’s 2019 Human Trafficking Report has stated that children under the foster care system are targeted.
(Source: Patrick Howley, theepochtimes.com, Date: October 22, 2019, Photo Courtesy: theepochtimes.com)


A woman has been arrested after killing a man and his son in a hit-and-run crash on Monday. The 50-year-old man Mohammad Misbah Uddin was confirmed dead at the scene while his son Abdullah was pronounced dead after he was taken to the hospital. 54-Year-old Michelle Hagerman was arrested yesterday.
(Source: abc15.com, Date: October 23, 2019, Video Courtesy: abc15 YouTube)

-White Castle Closes-

The 24-hour restaurant just opened on Wednesday, but had to close the same night due to number of people coming in. A spokesperson said that they closed from 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM to restock and won’t be able to follow the 24-hour schedule for the next several days as a result of high demand.
(Source: abc15.com, Date: 10/24/2019)


  • President Eisenhower conducts his first Cabinet meeting on television, 1954
  • Martin Luther King Jr. is sentenced to four months in jail for a sit-in protest, 1960


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By Bill McGuire

WORLD SERIES GAME 3 – Houston Astros’ Zach Grienke (’19 18-5 2.93 ERA P/S 0-2 6.43ERA) vs. Washington Nationals’ Anibal Sanchez (’19 11-8 3.85ERA P/S 1-0 .071 ERA) @ Nationals Park on FOX tonight at 5:00PM

The Astros will send Zach Grienke to the mound in hopes of not going down 0 – 3 in the series. While the Nationals have a chance to win it all in front of their home crowd. They will send veteran Anibal Sanchez to the mound to try and put all but the final nail in the Astros coffin. Games 3, 4, 5 (if nec) will be played in Washington. The Nationals should feel pretty comfortable knowing that they have Patrick Corbin waiting for game 4. The Astros undecided on game 4.