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Mustang Varsity Sports Update


Tonight the Varsity Volleyball and Football takes on Williams Vikings. First The Mustang Volleyball are the defending state champions and favored in the match.

Game 1 goes to the Mustangs 25 -17 where number 5 Jillie Maner has a serious height advantage at 6 ft tall.

Game 2 is a loss, mental mistakes allows the Vikings eek out a win 19-25

Game 3 Trading Spikes back and forth, the girls are neck and neck 8-8, then 10-10, 15-15, then thanks to an ace by Ellie Hancock the Mustangs begin to pull ahead 19-17. Jillie Maner spikes a perfect set and Hannah Ballesteros serves an Ace to final out the score at 25-19.

Game 4 Mustangs jump out to a 5-0 lead and begin to dominate, as the Vikings are looking fatigued. Up 10-2 the Mustangs are on a run pushing the lead to 20-8 the Vikings duff the ball into the net 24-8 and Jillie Maner spikes the ball for the final point to win the game and the match.

Great team effort and excellent coaching is paying off for the 2019 Varsity Girls Volleyball.

Varsity Football

First off a big thank you to the Yeager Robotics for the awesome tailgate party, the BBQ Pork Sandwiches were terrific, and a great fundraiser.

The first half of football was a struggle for the Mustangs as the Viking were able to score 3 times, blanking the Mustangs for a score of 0-22.

During halftime Reed Porter presented Rings to last years Baseball players for winning the State Championship !!! Followed by an Auction for a live pig, yes that is correct, the good folks at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles donated this fine animal to the Girls Basketball team for winning the state championship last year. The auction raised 4,000.00 for the Girls Basketball program and will be a tremendous help to them.

The 2nd half was all Vikings, the Mustangs had their hands full trying to slow them down. Penalties and turnovers were hard to overcome and the office was unable to move the ball. With under a minute to go in the game the Mustangs were able to muster up some offence and drive the ball in for a touchdown, but an errant whistle caused the touchdown to be called back and the Mustangs still had 20 yard to go. The Mustangs were not ready to give up yet and Tenny Porter muscled the ball into the end-zone to put up 6 points and keep the Mustangs from getting shut out. Final Score 6-38 Williams Vikings go home with the win.