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Mogollon Rim News Under New Ownership


The Mogollon Rim News welcomes it’s new owners Gary and Stefanie Spear! They plan to continue the paper and will step into their new role beginning immediately. According to Gary, “We will be running the paper from our office next to Circle K.”


According to Larry and Barbara Samples, “We’ve enjoyed the relationships made and people we’ve met. You’ve all been very gracious to us as we learned how to publish a newspaper. Our mission has been one of support for local businesses while serving as a platform to share information and the great stories of this community. Thanks to all who supported us the past seven years – you’ll always have a special place in our hearts. We are looking forward to retirement and excited for the future of the Mogollon Rim News!” 

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Barbara Samples was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and has called Heber-Overgaard home since 2008. She is married to Larry Samples, who is co-owner with her in L & B, Inc., owner of the Mogollon Rim News. They have four (grown) children and two grandchildren. Barbara serves as the Editor.