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Mogollon Mustangs Homecoming Football Game


By Bill McGuire


The Mogollon Mustangs defeated the Mayer Wildcats 66 – 12 on a night that the Mustangs celebrated 30 years. Alumni for the past 30yrs showed up to show “Once a Mustang Always a Mustang”, pride. Also, it being “Homecoming” for the Mustangs the royal court was introduced. As for the game itself the Mustangs took command of the game from the opening kick-off. In the first three minutes the Mustangs found themselves up 23 – 0, thanks to an opening on-side kick-off the Mustangs were able to recover. Two plays later they found the end-zone. Mustangs kicked-off again and on the first play from scrimmage the Wildcats threw an int, which was returned for another Mustang TD. The Mustangs then proceeded to kick-off for the third time. The Mayer deep in their territory proceeded to run their third play from scrimmage only to fumble the football. Once again the Mustangs found the end-zone. Head coach Ron Tenney the took his starters out and went on the rest of the half with his freshman, only to watch them match their older team-mates.

Half-time score Mustangs 58 – Wildcats 12. In attendance besides all of the alumni was Coach Tim Slade. The Chamber of Commerce surprised everyone and supplied fireworks for the game.