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MMF Places Memorial Plaque

heber overgaard az
Pictured from left are Carolyn Litviak, Bobbi Goode, Paulette Arendell and George Gollick.

Members of the Mogollon Medical Foundation (MMF) met at the Community Medical Center to place a metal plaque near the Colorado blue spruce tree that was planted in memory of deceased Board of Director, Jerry Blackert. Jerry was active and served on the Board for many years. His input was valuable and well respected.

heber overgaard az
Memorial plaque for Jerry Blackert

The tree was planted by the original landscaper of our property, Chris Kengla of Christopher’s Garden of Lakeside. We appreciate Chris’s continued support with his donation of the labor and the equipment to properly set this 7 to 8 foot Colorado blue spruce tree. Thanks, also to Board Member, Lon Porter, for coordinating the construction and placing of Jerry’s memorial plaque.

The MMF is a community group of volunteers that holds the title and oversees the care and occupancy or leasing of the community owned land and building – the Community Medical Clinic. The volunteers do not operate the business inside the Clinic.

Current officers and Board Members are President, Bobbi Goode; Vice President, Maxine Heimerl; Secretary, Ruth Ann Smith; Treasurer, Paulette Arendell; and Board Members, Bill Carlyon, George Gollick, Lon Porter and Carolyn Litviak.

It is the mission statement of the Mogollon Medical Foundation to see that the existing medical facility is utilized to provide the most comprehensive and affordable medical care to the maximum number of residents, and to encourage the expansion of medically related services to meet the future needs of the communities of Heber/Overgaard, while honoring the wishes of the benefactors.

The benefactors are the late Mr. & Mrs. Owen Kelly. Their dream of medical services for our community was jump started with their donation of ten acres of land and a monetary donation to be used for the construction of a medical clinic. The residents of our communities came together with funds and labor for our finished product. An Eagle Scout project, accomplished the construction of the helipad with the fencing erected by community volunteers.

Summit Healthcare is the current lessee of our clinic. They are scheduled to vacate our clinic in 2017. The Board Members would welcome your input regarding a medical provider to continue providing services at our Community Clinic. Please contact a Board Member with your suggestions.