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MANHUNT: Accused Murderers Escape During Extradition

Blane Barksdale (56) and wife, Susan Barksdale (59)

The Barksdale’s (pictured above) are accused of killing 72 year old Frank Bligh on April 16th, 2019 in Tucson, Arizona. After being accused of the murder the couple fled to New York state where they were captured on May 24th in Henrietta.

Monday, August 26th, in the process of being extradited back to Arizona by a contracted private security firm called Security Transport Services, the couple apparently overpowered their guards by faking a medical issue, tied up the guards using shoelaces and stole the van they were being transported in with the guards tied up in the back. The couple then drove that vehicle to Vernon, Arizona where a friend gave them a red GMC Sierra pickup truck. This friend has not been charged with a crime, but is still being investigated.

The Barksdale’s then drove 40 miles to St. Johns, Arizona and ditched the van they stole from the guards and continued in the red GMC pickup. The couple was last seen driving this red GMC Sierra truck with Arizona license plate 127XTY; which has damage on its’ rear bumper and front passenger side, according to police.

The US Marshals Service is currently offering a $10,000 reward for each Blane and Susan Barksdale, for information leading to their apprehension.

These two suspects should not be approached. If seen, call 911 immediately. They are considered armed and dangerous due to their long history of firearm possession and past criminal history. You can also contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-225-5324 if you have any information about this case. The couple was last seen in St. Johns, Arizona, with an unknown direction of travel.