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Local Red Hats seek new members

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Heber-Overgaard Red Hats

HEBER-OVERGAARD—The local Red Hats is a nice group of ladies that enjoy getting together once a month for fun. Last month they had a pajama party at Three Bear’s.

The original Red Hat Society formed in the late 90s to help women reconnect and form relationships with other women just for fun. As women, we tend to pour ourselves into our families and careers – for years. Sometimes we wake up one day and we are alone. That was the basis for the Red Hats—Women joining together in friendship and support. I remember years ago when under a lot of stress at work and at home, I first heard about them; the thought of dressing up in a red hat and purple dress tickled me. It’s basically saying, I no longer care what anyone thinks. I’m celebrating my life with other women who get me. Now, I can’t speak for every woman who attends, but if you’re looking to make some new friendships and add a little fun to your life, you may just want to attend this event.

There’s no charge to join. They want to invite you to their Christmas party to meet them and so you can see what it’s all about. The party is on December 8 at 11:30am at Sherry Conrad’s home in High Country Pines and they’ll be serving Navajo Tacos. Call Bobbi at 928-535-5341 or Sherry at 480-980-0450 for information.

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