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Local man has close call with mountain lion


On Sunday September 23rd, Al Chatters was elk hunting with his buddy Buck near Chevelon Retreat. His crossbow on the tripod was set and ready to shoot with the safety off as he was calling in a bull elk. The elk stopped its advance so Alan was waiting in anticipation blowing a cow call. At that moment a mountain lion charged at Alan from out of the bushes from about 12 feet away. He tipped his crossbow down and shot it hitting the lion in the left side of its throat. It flipped up and ran off. “I was so scared,” Alan said, “My legs would not move. I wanted to chase it, but I couldn’t.” Eventually he made his way down the canyon to where Buck was. The two of them went back up and found the lion dead about 50 to 60 yards away from where it was shot. “I am very fortunate to be alive,” Alan told me. “I’ve never been that shook up and still am having trouble walking.”

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