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Lego Imaginarium! New Club For Our Children Is Here

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First graderes with adults from left Paula Grigsby, Donna Harris, Sylvia Kennison & Brooke Anderson

The first meeting for Lego Imaginarium was held at the Rim Community Library Friday, October 20th. Paula Grigsby, Library Manager was quite surprised with the turn out today. They were expecting 12 students and 28 showed up. The room was filled with First, Second and Third Grade level students busily building with Legos. Ms. Grigsby wrote the Library Grant and it was accepted. This is a one year grant from Federal Funds and comes with conditions.  Ms. Grigsby explained the grant was enough to purchase Legos, furniture and storage. All help is volunteer and no salaries are paid from this grant. These purchases will stay with the Library and the Club will meet through the school term through August when she will complete the final report in August 2018. She will report expenditures, club meetings, and the required amount of students in attendance during the school year.


The room was a buzz with the children and teachers enthusiasm. The four people involved today were; Sylvia Kennesen, Paula Grigsby, Donna Harris and Brooke Anderson. The focus is STEM based; science, technology, engineering and math. The space is limited and you must get a ticket from your teacher at Mountain Meadows. For children not enrolled in school can get a ticket from Mrs. Reidhead, the secretary at Mountain Meadows.


The main purpose is to stimulate creativity and I can tell you this group were elevating with creativity. Abby Anderson was teaching 2nd graders and explained how they build different things such as motors;  they are learning how to move forward and backward. Today they were making a car. They were constructing from kits “Lego Education”.  Brooke Anderson was working with the Third Graders on robots using Kindle to help it move. She was encouraging the students with words they will use throughout life in all endeavors they pursue. It was touching to see how eager and connected these young children were with Mrs. Anderson. As she prepared them to accept mistakes with a positive attitude in her words, “Mistakes are awesome; we learn how to do things better.” All heads were nodding yes!  And the F A I L; First-Attempt-In-Learning. Mrs. Anderson teaches Lego at CAPPS.


As you entered the room you are faced with a white board with four rules written.  Lego Club

#1 Do not throw legos

#2 Respect others work

#3 Keep your hands to yourself

#4 Have fun and use your imagination.

I don’t think this group will have any problems using their imaginations and having fun.


The Lego Imaginarium will be held every other Friday, with the exception of the holiday schedule, meeting from 10:30 am to 12 in the children’s area at the Rim Community Library. For more information, please contact Paula Grigsby at 928-587-9078.