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Leather Britches


My friend and former neighbor Bonnie posted on Facebook the other day, “Boy what I’d give for some Leather Britches.” I had never heard of this before and put the question to my friend.


They’re simply dried green beans. Back in the day before-canning jars and pressure cookers were common place–dried green beans–”leather britches” were the most popular way of preserving green beans for use during the winter months. Bonnie explained in summertime in West Virginia they’d pick green beans, remove any strings, and then with a long needle and a very long, strong thread, they’d sew through the middle of the green beans and then hang them to dry. Then, when it was the holidays, they would cook them up. “You know, Barb, they tasted amazing!” Bonnie told me. Hmmm, I’m thinking next summer, we may give that a try! Thanks, Bonnie!