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Junes Cafe Under New Ownership

New owner of June’s Cafe Tracy Packer (on right) with daughter Raylene

When I sat at the counter at June’s Cafe recently and asked Tracy Packer as she poured me a cup of coffee who the new owner of Junes was she extended her hand for a shake and said “Hi, I’m Tracy”.


June’s Cafe is a landmark to most of us who have been coming here since the 80’s – and my family has. My daughter still calls it June’s Dairy Delight, and it was a delight sitting and talking with Tracy and her daughter, Raylene today about what we can expect with new ownership.


Tracy was born and raised here in Heber and worked as a waitress at June’s in the early 80’s with the original owner June. Tracy says acquiring June’s was one of those ‘timing’ things. When Kelly and Barb, the former owners for 7 ½ years were ready to move on and sell the business they knew Tracy was interested and approached her for a decision. Tracy sat down with her family and asked if they were all in and the rest is history. Tracy has a close-knit family that includes her sister, two daughters, and brother who help out. So, it was a family decision; the timing was right. Tracy speaks highly of Kelly her former boss. She says he was always teaching and schooling her and preparing her to be the next owner and she will forever be grateful to him.


Tracy is adamant about keeping June’s the same. Any changes are only improvements in the existing menu, such as using all fresh meat for burgers.  Who can argue with that?


Bob, the cook stayed on. Bob makes fresh soup, homemade pie, fresh salsa (mild and hot). Just that good ole home cookin’ we all love. You can put your order in for Holiday Pies—Pumpkin Pie, Berry Pies and all fruit pies are available and you can ask for your favorite. Two days notice is required


Gail Ratcliff, the star waitress, stayed on. Gail has been there 11 years now entertaining us and making us feel special. Oh, and nothing has changed there either. Just remember to “Close the dang door!” in the winter when you come in and everything will be ok.


It is clear that Tracy and her daughter, Raylene love the business and they have what it takes to provide that friendly customer service and good home cookin’ we all love and keep coming back for.