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Illusionist to perform at Black Horse Brewery Lobster Boil

Linden AZ
16 year old Samuel Siminoe will perform his magic at the Black Horse Brewery on Aug. 5th

LINDEN, AZ—Sixteen year old Samuel Siminoe from Thatcher is bringing his magic show to Linden, performing at the Lobster Boil special event at Black Horse Brewery on Saturday August 5th.

Samuel first became interested in the art of magic at age eight when his dad, Dallas Siminoe, took him to meet illusionist and magician Jason Bishop. Bishop took the time after the show to teach Samuel a couple tricks and Samuel bought a magic kit from him.

Sam Siminoe

“My plan,” shared Sam, “Was to perform at kids’ birthday parties. But, to this day, I’ve still not done a show at a birthday party! I’ve always had the support of my dad and we run it together. He helped me build an entire illusion show in our driveway. It’s just a blast!” Dad (Dallas) is the stage manager and makes everything backstage happen.


Last year Sam sent in a clip of his act and was tapped to perform for the America’s Got Talent Show. “We skipped seven steps that most people have to go through,” Sam explained. He worked with the film crew for one whole day. “I’m in the 2016 Season 11, Episode 5,” Sam told me. “Don’t blink or you’ll miss me because they only used about 10 seconds out of all of that film.” He laughs about how the director kept telling him what to say, but the film clip they chose was the one time Sam ad-libbed resulting in a few choice words from his director.


Sam and Dallas Siminoe

Dallas, has been his manager since the beginning. Sam has two lovely assistants one of whom manages everything in front of the curtain. “I’m really impressed with Ella, for only being 13, you know,” Sam tells me. (Now he’s got me trying to remember what 13 feels like to a 16 year old – kind of like trying to remember algebra and dangling participles.)


At only 16, Sam has chosen performing as an Illusionist and Magician for a career. He said, “Well, I’m not in this for the money, or fame, or anything else like that. I do this because it makes me happy, and others happy too! My father told me, ‘Don’t go out and get a job to pay the bills. Get a job that makes you happy to pay the bills.’ That’s why I do this!”

Sam with his lovely assistants.

For the Black Horse Brewery performance, they’re bringing a 16 foot trailer with all of the sound and lighting equipment. “This is the biggest show we’ve done yet,” said Sam. “The Show I’m bringing to the Black Horse Brewery will be a night no one will forget. I am very confident everyone will leave happy. This father and son show is guaranteed to show you something you have NEVER seen before! We can’t wait for the great night and we hope you are as excited as were are!”


You can find out more about the Black Horse Brewery online at blackhorsebrewery.org, email them at blackhorsebrewery@gmail.com, or call them at 928-537-9349 They’re located at 1058 Burton Road in Linden. Take Highway 260 east towards Show Low. Once you pass Timberland Road (on right), Burton Road is about another half mile or so on your left. if you’d like to attend this event you must make reservations and pay the $35 per person cost in advance.