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Heber’s Weathershack Is Under New Ownership

Heber, az
Larry and Cheryl Gage are the new owners of Weathershack 2 in Heber, AZ.

Larry and Cheryl Gage are the new owners of Weathershack since April 3, 2018, their opening day in business. Larry and Cheryl decided to retire and live in Heber full time after enjoying their cabin for five years and they tell me they love it here. Larry retired from Honeywell after 35 years and Cheryl retired from the medical field after 30 years. It was a time in their lives for change.


During this time they purchased a wood burning stove for the cabin from Emily at the Weathershack. They were loyal customers over the years and shopped at Weathershack for all their heating needs.


Once they retired and were living here full time they came to realize they needed a larger home to accommodate family visits that included seven grandchildren. As they searched for the right home they found it in Show Low.  


They were feeling settled in their new home but felt a little too settled and began thinking about what they would do now. Cheryl expressed they were of like mind and agreed they would like to venture into something new that they could do together and stay busy. As they began to think of the possibilities an opportunity arose. One day while Larry was visiting John at Weathershack, John suggested to Larry that he buy the business. At Larry’s surprise he went home and asked Cheryl if she would be interested, but before he could explain anything further she quickly said “yes”. It was the opportunity they were looking for. In Cheryl’s words she says, “It was a God thing”.


So they jumped in with all four feet and went to work. Larry spent five months with start-up training with John in his Mesa store while Cheryl minded the store in Heber. They decided to keep the company name but added a “2”. It is now Weathershack 2. Emily stayed on for an extra month helping them to get oriented before she left for her move to Utah.


Larry and Cheryl are so excited about their new business and home and life here. They are fun to be around and are looking forward to helping you with all your heating needs. Speaking with Larry about some of my personal heating issues I was impressed how knowledgable he is and he gave me some better options to think about. They plan to expand with some different lines. More stove lines, more pellet stoves and gas stoves with (vent free) options. They tell me their best seller at present is the Statford fire place. Stay tuned for next summer’s lines which will include barbecues and evaporative cooling systems being considered. They will be of a higher quality and better made.


Soon they will be having a parking lot sale of merchandise, so look for flyers.

  • Store hours are 9am – 5pm Tuesday-Saturday
  • Phone: 928-535-4328
  • Email: Cheryl@weathershack2.com 
  • Website: www.weathershack2.com
  • Location: 1918 Pine Top Dr., Heber, AZ 85928