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Heber-Overgaard Has New Equine and Farm Animal Veterinarian

McCarthy Veterinary
Chris McCarthy, DMV

As I met up with our new resident and veterinarian Dr. Chris McCarthy in the parking lot of the Ponderosa Cafe on this crisp fall day I was greeted with her warm smile and friendly manner.


Chris is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Upon graduation in 1999, she relocated to southern California to the city of Norco in Riverside County, considered “Horsetown, USA”. She traveled a lot with her duties as a USDA Inspector. When the owners of the animal clinic she worked for retired, she decided to go into private practice. As time marched on, it came time to leave the fast-paced overcrowded California and relocate to Arizona’s Valley of the Sun for a better quality of life.


In 2016, Doc Chris and her husband Darrel wanted a more quiet and slower pace of life and it was time to escape the heat of the Valley; so, they packed up and headed to the cool pines. We are fortunate they chose our community because we have been without a large animal veterinarian for some time now. She likes to trout fish, so she certainly is in the right place for fishing our beautiful lakes and streams.


Doc Chris has been treating horses and other livestock that includes hogs, goats, cows, sheep and even poultry.  Her business is mobile only and she extends her service as far as the areas surrounding Holbrook, Concho as well as Show Low.


With so many horse lovers in our area and concerns for the Heber Wild Horses I asked her a few questions about caring for the wild horses and the differences she is experiencing working here. In her words she says, “Legally I cannot help the wild horses and it has nothing to do with compassion or money, as I am told by the government agencies; I am thankful for them informing me about what the regulations are. The consequences are rigid and could ruin my business and life.”


She talked about differences in treatment moving from a city  practice to a rural one. She sees more barbwire injuries, rattle snakes and possible rabies exposure. She informed me about cover for horses which has been a pet peeve of mine for so long and I was surprised to learn that it is the law that horse owners do not have to provide cover for their horses. We talked about the nuisance of mosquitos, flies and those awful yellow jackets as a problem in the summer here. She tells me it isn’t any worse here than in the Valley and that the usage of fly predators is more effective with eight to ten horses than only one or two. Keeping the manure in control helps more than anything.


You can call Doc Chris at 928-243-1925 or email mvsdoc@hotmail.com for an appointment. There are no standard hours. She may be tied up with another animal but leave a message and she will get back to you as soon as possible. She does take emergency calls and provides her services to surrounding areas like Show Low, Holbrook and Concho.


I enjoyed getting to know our new ‘Doc’ and learning a little about her. She exudes a warmth and has that quality of sincerity we all look for in our trusted ‘Doc’. Welcome to our community Chris and Darrel and your new life here.