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Golden Mustang Award—Making a Difference

Heber-Overgaard, AZ
Blue wristbands were handed out for "I make a difference day."

Recently at Capps Middle School the teachers participated in Make a Difference Day. Teachers called each student up to hear what a difference they made and how the classroom benefitted during this school year. They were handed a blue I Make a Difference wristband to remember the importance of what was said. The comments were individualized and so fitting for each boy or girl. Many were touched by what their teacher said about them but all the while trying to keep a stoic face.

Not so for the teachers as some shed tears of caring and students rescued them with the Kleenex box. Students heard that their teacher was proud of them for coming through adversity with flying colors or a young person with a forever smile and positive nature helped another that was struggling or the teacher was grateful for being greeted each morning by a kid with a happy face.

All kids who wanted to participate took two wristbands into the community to acknowledge someone in their life that made a difference for them. Below are a few of the comments so you know these young people have very caring hearts. Here’s what I got the privilege to hear on how others made a difference in these middle school kids’ lives:

  • ‘My Mom makes a difference by helping me with my problems – she always listens.’
  • ‘I told my Grandpa he was important to me; he came to help us and that made me feel safe.’
  • ‘My Dad spends time with me on his day off. He tells me stuff to make me a better person.’
  • ‘I said to my Uncle that he is really special to me because he rescued me from a group home.’
  • ‘My Grandma gives all of us kids stockings at Christmas and that makes me feel loved.’
  • ‘I told my Mom’s friend that makes me feel happy when she helps my Mom.’
  • ‘I didn’t give mine away yet. I’m waiting to get enough courage.’
  • ‘I told a policeman, thank you, for making our town safer.’
  • ‘If it wasn’t for my Grandma, who’s always there for us, I’d be in foster care.’
  • ‘My Dad’s so nice; without him I couldn’t move on in life or be successful.’
  • ‘I told my friend thanks for always being there for me so I wasn’t alone.’
  • I told my Mom I’m grateful that she understands me – she’s the only one who does.’
  • ‘I’m grateful for my cousin because she comforted me when our Grandpa died.’
  • ‘I told my Dad that I liked how he spent time with me and tells me about right and wrong.’
  • ‘My Dad is bringing us kids up good and he helps me when I’m sad.’
  • ‘My cousin is a good influence on me and inspired me to want to help people too.’

PS: Education is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic…Kudos to the teachers for making a special time to acknowledge each student and let them know how much they were cared about. One touching comment came from a 6th grader who said; ‘I’ll always remember my teacher’s kind words, even without the wristband.’