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Golden Mustang Award – Kids Who Make a Difference

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Back Row: Marina Nulick 6th Grade, Morgon Martineau 5th Grade, Erika Ontiveros 4th Grade, Joe Hill 6th Grade Front Row: Virginia Sotelo 5th Grade, Sarah Spear 4th Grade

Golden Mustang is indebted to these kids this quarter. The program is successful only because of the involvement of the students. They are the ones who have to notice the good in their classmates or teachers; kindnesses shown, disagreements interrupted before they escalate or kids who include others no matter what. These Capps Middle School kids then take the time to write down what they’ve seen. The majority of the students write 1 or 2 or even more a quarter, but these kids wrote the most in their class. We want to thank you for keeping the program alive and making a huge difference in other student’s lives.


Virginia is surrounded by her classmates photobombing her picture. Golden Mustang knew Virginia was a budding artist and wanted to give her a small thank you for her big effort.

This quarter, one student shocked everyone by writing 153 recommendations. They were for kids in her class, others she knew from going to school together and acknowledging teachers who went out of their way to make students feel special. In the past no one has written that many in a complete school year. Imagine how many students and teachers had their day lifted when they read all those nice comments made. Thank you Virginia Sotelo for your HUGE effort.