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Golden Mustang Award – Inspirational Footprints

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Abbie Anderson 5th Grader at Capps Middle School

The amazing students at Capps Middle School contributed 367 Inspirational Footprints during the ’15-’16 school year. Just imagine kids influencing their peers for the better with advice from: special life instructions that families pass on, famous personalities, or their own imagination and feelings. The footprints wound their way up and down the hallways of Capp’s almost two full times – what an effort!

Each 4th through 6th grader who attempts the task receives a mini-blizzard from Dairy Queen. Most students don’t stop at one but continue month after month adding to the parade of red footprints. Last year Caitlyn Taylor really outdid herself as a 5th grade student in Ms. Maner’s class; she wrote well over 100, all the while encouraging others to keep up the good work.

When school started in mid-August the walls looked so bare with no footprints giving positive words to live by. Abbie Anderson remembered Caitlyn’s challenge from last year and turned in the first footprint for the ’16-‘17 school year. It stated; “No ONE of us is smarter than ALL of us together” by Gen. David Petraeus.

Who knows how far the parade of footprints will go this school year but you can be assured that it will continue to grow and keep inspiring.