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Girl Scouts Troop 2030 pick up trash on 260 Hwy

Heber overgaard AZ
Girl Scouts Melissa, Kayla, Sheila,Stefanie, Serena, Madison, Ayden, Destiny, Kyra, Sarah, Chloe, Sheila

What little troopers these girls are in providing community service when needed. They already had four bags filled with littered trash in such a short distance. It is just amazing that people toss that much garbage from cars and walking, and the Girl Scouts so willingly accept the clean-up as their service project. Maybe a new ‘No Littering’ awareness needs to be spread.


In case you are wondering ADOT states that anyone 12 years of age or younger is not allowed on the side of the road without adult assistant and our children were in good hands. Leader, Melissa Perguson tells me they were watched and guarded by other leaders and moms present, so our children were well protected.


Just did some checking on littering and this is what it states:

“It is a Class A misdemeanor. Fine up to $500. first conviction of intentional littering; fine between $500. and $1,000., and 8 hours community service in a litter abatement program. Second conviction; fine between $1,000 and $2,500. and 24 hours community service.”


Nothing like ice cream to motivate children. John Piva’s Heber Dairy Queen generously provided lunch and ice cream treats to the group after they completed the project.


Well done Girl Scouts Troop 2030!