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Gardeners Its Time to Plan

Heber, az
Time to plan your garden

The gardens have finally received the much needed snow they have been thriving for. Even though it is the beginning of February it is time to start planning for this year’s garden. There are many projects that can be completed throughout the garden. Planning and completing small projects now can prevent gardeners from falling behind when the growing season arrives.


As the snow continues to melt adding nutrients to the soil can be a vital role in keeping healthy microorganisms alive in the soil. A good organic fertilizer to add to the winter soil is Blood Meal. Blood Meal is a high nitrogen organic fertilizer that helps amend the gardens soil in preparation for Spring. Allowing this fertilizer to breakdown in the winter soil can save plants from yellowing and slow growth during the upcoming growing season. Blood Meal can be found at your local garden center.


Next month we will discuss preparing compost for addition to Spring soils.