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Friendship Banner Dedication

Random Acts of Kindness

Golden Mustangs
Golden Mustang Award Team members: Melissa Lewis, Lilly Horn, Ila Despain, Tylinn McLaws, Kaylee McLaws, Kardon Porter, Alex Lindsey, Cole Worsley and Aaron Herbert are proud of the banner they dedicated to Mr. Williams.

Recently the Golden Mustang Award was the recipient of the gift of a banner by Pam and John Weigan of Cabin Fever. The “Be Kind” Friendship Banner was comprised of words contributed by all 6 classes at Capps Middle School. These words of kindness and working together in a positive atmosphere were right from the hearts of the students.

Many years ago, when these kids were much younger, Monty Williams (former principal and teacher in the Heber~Overgaard district) made it so easy to learn to get along with each other. Mr. Williams’ mantra, “Be Kind – Be Kind – Be Kind” said it all in the most simple of formats.

The students gathered in the Performing Arts Center to present the banner and give their testimony about how much they thought of their former principal. The words of kindness they shared should have let Mr. Williams realize he’d gotten his message across. Monty believed in these kids, every student, he came in contact with. This community was blessed with having him touch the lives of their children.