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Friends of the Library hold annual Asian Dinner

Pictured from left is Bart Shank of the Wild Women Saloon & Grill, Friends of the Library volunteers Kristy Preecs, FOL Pres., Priscilla Corsi, Suzie Crance, Jean Clark, Lenore Peeler, Ardath Pearson, Pam Dunkelberg, Lorraine Harty and in front is George Corsi. Great job all! Not pictured is the greeter Evelyn Leavitt.

The Friends of the Library held one of their most successful annual fundraisers on Monday April 13th at the Wild Women Saloon & Grill. The Asian dinner is one of the more popular events for the non-profit organization that helps fund the all-volunteer Rim Community Library in Heber.

This year they changed the set up to a serving line versus waiting on each table individually with the hope that meals would be served more quickly than they have been in the past. “We aren’t professional servers after all,” said Co-Chairperson Lenore Peeler with her neck brace still in place. She was assisted by Suzie Crance as the other Co-Chairperson.

They served a choice of orange chicken or beef with broccoli as the main dish, fried rice, salad, beverage and fortune cookies.
A big thank you to Keith Carnes and his staff at the Wild Women Saloon & Grill for hosting the event and for all of the assistance they provided.

Also, the great FOL volunteers are absolutely the best. They spend a lot of time helping to make it possible for our community to enjoy the fine services of our library.

Thanks also to the community who supported the fundraiser and hopefully enjoyed a pleasant evening “out on the town.”