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Free Robotics Conference For Teens


Technology, computer programming and robotics are changing the way our world works. Because of this, education and jobs are changing as well. Instead of getting behind the technology curve, let’s embrace it and learn how to use it! That’s exactly what will be happening on Oct. 27, from 9am-2:30 in Lakeside at the Blue Ridge High School FAB Labs, and all teenagers and their parents and mentors are invited to attend!


Two competitive high school robotics teams, White Mountain Robotics and Jeager Robotics, are presenting an all-inclusive robotics conference for teens- the first of it’s kind to be held on the mountain. Various STEM-related professionals in their fields, universities, and students experienced in robotics will all be presenting.


This free conference which is sponsored by, and held at the BR/UA 4-H Fab Lab, will teach teens 1) hands on robot workshops, 2) different branches of competitive robotics-FIRST, VEX, and Mechatronics, 3) 3D design, printing and career opportunities, 4) Engineering notebooks and photograph, 5) Colleges, scholarship opportunities and much more. Tour the only open-to-the-public Fab Lab in Arizona!


All teens are welcome to attend. Please register at: