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Fraternal Order of Eagles presents check for $2,470 to Humane Society of the White Mountains

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Pictured are from left Doug & Robbin Kerran, Deena & Roy Pace (of Humane Society) and JB Buza.

Such good deeds these members of our American Eagles Club of Overgaard continually promote for worthy charities. This club does a charity every month! If you have not been involved in a fund raiser I can tell you it is a lot of work and this club just keeps rolling into the next month and the next fund raiser with big hearts. As I sat with Peg Quirion, Secretary for the Auxillary and Jerome Buza (J.B.) the cook for the club, it is apparent they have a lot of fun as they plan their benefits for the year. When I asked JB what other benefits they plan; his smile and enthusiasm tells the story of their success. You’ve heard that attitude is everything I’m sure; well these people possess just that…pure joy for helping others.

In a six year period they have raised $9,597 for the Humane Society of the White Mountains. They raise funds for them through all their monthly charities with Silent Auctions, a fun table game of throwing the dice—it’s an animal race theme game with six lanes on the table. They just completed their annual “Summer Send Off” for summer residents leaving for the winter to return to their other homes. Next is Fat Tuesday in February or March with a “Mardi Gras” theme. JB will prepare Gumbo, Jambalaya and other delectables. Then there’s St. Patrick’s Day with Guinness Stew (JB’s specialty of Beef Stew with Guinness Beer), and of course the annual dog show “Pets in the Park”. JB tells me he adopted his last dog from our Humane Society. Ms. Quirion tells me the majority of their funds come from their July Event. I can believe this from my own observation of our small town big patriotic celebrations.

The club is open 7 days from “Noon to whenever” Ms. Quirion tells me; depending on the crowd.

Thank you again to the Top of the Rim #4437 Fraternal Order of Eagles for your generous donations.

Drop in sometime; they never know a stranger and you will feel very welcomed. The club is located at 2023 S.R. 277.