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FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award


Gary Towner, a resident of Mogollon Airpark has proudly received the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award from the Federal Aviation Agency. This award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior aviation mechanics. In Gary’s case, over 50 years of impeccable work in military and civil aviation.


The Award is named in honor of Mr. Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight. Charlie served as the Wright brothers’ mechanic and is credited with designing and building the engine for their first successful aircraft.


Tina Buskirk, Ernie Copeland and Pete Kelly from the FAA office in Scottsdale traveled here to the Experimental Aircraft Association Local Chapter 1044 December 5th meeting to present the Award. They then stayed to enjoy a pot-luck dinner following. They are shown in the above photo with Gary’s wife Naomi.


As a long-time member of the EAA, Gary and Naomi have built several planes. Naomi runs a mean sewing machine. They are currently building a custom Super Cub with plans for a biplane following the Cub’s completion. Congratulations !!!