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Cow Attacks a Citizen and Deputy

Stock photo of a but - not the real cow

On 09/21/18 at approximately 2100 hours, a female called the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office for emergency help in the Antelope Valley area, due to a large black cow attacking her. The cow had the female pinned on the ground and was continually pressing her if she made movements or attempts to get away from the cow. Deputy Palozzolo and EMS responded to the area and located the female in an open field. Deputy Palozzolo tried several attempts at yelling and waving his arms and pushing to get the cow away from the female, but it stayed at her. Deputy Palozzolo tried scaring the cow with the noise of a taser but it was ineffective, so he made contact on the cow with a drive stun, the cow left the female allowing her to get away. The cow then turned its attention to Deputy Palozzolo and charged him. The cow’s head impacted his chest and the cow forced him to the ground stepping on his leg and chest area.


Deputy Palozzolo’s ballistic vest was highly instrumental in protecting him from further injuries. Deputy Palozzolo continued drive stunning the cow on the head with the taser during this until the cow ran away from the area. The female and Deputy Palozzolo were seen by EMT’s at the scene and refused any further medical attention.  Deputy Palozzolo has a sore left arm and sore left leg with a small abrasion on the left arm. He still has full use and movement in the appendages. No other major injuries. 


Sheriff Clark stated he “is grateful that the citizen and the deputy were not seriously hurt.” Adding that “Recently there has been a lot of weird cow activity in Navajo County.”