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Corruption Leaks—the Fate of America

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Sylvia Allen on the right with Kathy Gibson Boatman, Kenny Garvin, and grandson, Larry Boatman

Last year I read Erik Larson’s nonfiction book, In the Garden of Beasts. It’s the story of the American Ambassador to Germany, William Dodd and his family living in Berlin during Hitler’s rise to power. The thing that got me about the book was how the people didn’t seem to react to the horrors happening around them. It became so “normal” to them that they acted as though it was just part of life, like going grocery shopping or doing the laundry. I see the same things happening today, people just carrying on with their lives as though all the corruption within our government is no big deal.

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Graham Harbold and Sylvia Allen at a rally with Kenny Garvin

Some Examples of Corruption:

  • A Presidential Candidate who is under investigation from the FBI, again.
  • *Wikileaks providing information about illegal activities of Hillary Clinton and her staff.
  • Project Veritas videos showing the dirty money of politics and paid protestors.
  • Foreign donors influencing American Government and elections.
  • Blatant disregard for the Constitution and the principles of limited government.
  • Illegal use of government powers and authority to silence dissenters.
  • Media colluding with government and political parties but failing to report on critical issues.

I recently attended a meeting here in Heber-Overgaard with Graham Harbold and Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen. I described my concerns to them about the rampant corruption within our government, including the situation that occurred in Oregon this past January when Arizona Rancher LaVoy Finicum was killed at a roadblock and the “authorities” including the Oregon State Police, the Harney County Sheriff and the FBI colluded to set up, trap and arrest a group of innocent citizens. (Remember in America we are innocent until PROVEN guilty.) The “authorities” opened fire on these citizens who had not been charged with a crime and in the process of this situation killed a man with his hands in the air attempting to surrender.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, they continued to fire on the passengers in LaVoy’s truck, terrorizing them with a hail of bullets, tear gas and “40 mm less than lethal rounds.” While watching the cell phone video that was taken by Shawna Cox, one of the passengers in the vehicle, you can see that each time the passengers attempted to open the door, they were met with a hail of bullets. I felt like I was watching a mafia hit or possibly something from a third world country where the “authorities” open fire on citizens.

When I expressed my concerns about this, Graham Harbold stated, “The Sheriff of that county allowed that to happen. Had he stood up for the people that would not have happened.” He went on to explain that his desire to run for office includes the understanding that it is the Sheriff’s duty to protect citizens from this type of situation. He has concerns about corruption in the current administration.

I was glad to hear his response to my concerns. The sheriff is the highest elected law enforcer whose duty it is to protect the unalienable rights of the People within his or her county.

I have known Sylvia Allen for many years and I know she is honest and fair. She is a fierce defender of American principles and liberty. She believes in God and supports religious freedom. She is Pro-Life and she has worked diligently to support our rural communities. Sylvia is being targeted by many liberal groups this year and desperately needs our support. Some of these groups are suspected to be funded by George Soros, an anti-American billionaire, who has been influential in our political system behind the scenes, controlling many aspects of our government. According to a 2011 article on **HumanEvents.com, their readers, in an online poll, had voted billionaire financier George Soros “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.”

According to an article in the ***Arizona Republic on October 15, 2016, “Over the past year, Soros has given at least $3.9 million to support Democratic candidates in district attorney races in Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando, Florida, Houston, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lowndes County in Mississippi and Caddo Parish in Louisiana according to campaign finance records. The spending helped topple a well-known incumbent in Orlando and drove a Republican candidate from the race in Albuquerque. Soros is widely known as a prolific donor to national Democratic candidates and causes. His super political action committee has given more than $14 million in 2015-16, including big sums to organizations working to elect Hillary Clinton.”

Well, if Obama and Hillary serve as any type of example of Soros getting what Soros wants, anything is possible. Our votes this coming November are critical to stop the corruption and return our country to the principles our founders believed in. I believe God has chosen an imperfect man, Donald Trump to stand against the attacks and give us a chance to save this great nation. Don’t take his choice or your vote lightly, it truly is a matter of life and death.

*Source: http://www.mostdamagingwikileaks.com/
**Source: http://humanevents.com/2011/04/02/top-10-reasons-george-soros-is-dangerous/
***Source: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona/2016/10/15/group-linked-soros-opposes-phoenix-prosecutors-campaign/92156474/

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Mogollon Rim News.

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Kathy Gibson Boatman was born and raised in the White Mountains of Northeastern Arizona on a working Cattle Ranch. She is the sixth generation in her family to participate in agricultural endeavors in Arizona. One of her favorite pastimes is collecting Arizona History Books and documents. She is a photographer and the author of the cookbook "Cooking With Cowgirls". She enjoys writing about issues of importance and interest to Arizona citizens, rural communities and natural resource producers. You can reach Kathy at kathykg26158@msn.com.