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Congressman Thomas O’Hallerin Presented Flag to HOFD


Congressman Thomas O’Hallerin visited the Heber Overgaard Fire Department on August 19th. He came to talk and present them with a flag that had flown over the United States Capital building. The flag will be placed in a shadow box at the HOFD building.


O’Hallerin, who is currently running as a Democrat for reelection, covers Arizona Congressional District One and that keeps him traveling because it covers 58,000 square miles, larger than the entire state of Pennsylvania. He has lived in Arizona for 25 years now, is 72 years old now and has been married 49 years.  He says, “We need more time to get the job of government done. We are 48 people working together in Washington and deal with a thousand issues daily.”  He encourages us to fact check on the internet. He encourages the young people in schools to participate.