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CAPPS Orchestra Performs at Performing Arts Center


We are so fortunate to have the Performing Arts Center for our students to practice and perform all their amazing music. The Center was packed with families of all ages anxiously awaiting to see and hear one of their own tonight. The orchestra opened with the Seniors playing with such refinement. Mr. Cheney, Orchestra Director, thanked everyone as he always does. He thanked maintenance, rides for students, business managers for accruing funds to make all this available and in his words as he waved over the performers he said; “This is the greatest contribution to our country, students like this.” Principal, Reed Porter sprung onto the stage with uplifting and informative comments about the history of our music teachers over the years and the deep appreciation we all have for our Mr. Cheney. He asked Mr. Cheney how many years he has been teaching here and Mr. Cheney replied, “41 years now.” Mr. Porter told us a story about when he was 8 or 9 years old Mr. Cheney taught him the piano but he wasn’t very good, he said, “I got an award for playing piano so Mr. Cheney had to have some magic.”


Jr. High opened with “Fiddles On Fire.”  5th and 6th Grade Orchestra played well and you can’t help but notice all boys on Cello’s!’


4th Grade Choir performed “I Was Here” by Lady Antebellum. Love those inspiring words “I Want To Do Something That Says I Was Here”. Mr. Heater visibly shares the enthusiasm of these young singers as they swayed to the music.


Thank you again Mr. Cheney for instilling music in our future generations.